Did I Make the Most of Loving You…

Did we make the most of all we had? Not seeing you makes my heart sad. Did we make the most of summer days? We still have time to change our ways. When these endless, lonely days are through, I’ll make the most of loving you…

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Brielle in Vanilla by Hush Skins

Hair: Emerson in Light Browns by Truth

Lingerie: Lui in Plum by Maai

Shoes: Devotion Heels in White by Reign

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Living Doll…

Dolls. You either love them or hate them. It’s when they start talking to you that you should probably run, but some dolls don’t allow such things when they’ve chosen their next sister….

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Morgana in Apricot (Makeup 1) by Pink Fuel

Hair: Stay in Hud 01 by Magika

Arm and Leg Wraps by CerberusXing

Dress: Twilight Black and White dress (top & skirt) by Adoness (found @ Genre)

Shoes: Timeless High Heels by Goth1c0 (found @ Genre)

Mesh body: Isis by Belleza

Table & Chairs: Occultism Dining Set from Entity (found @ Genre)

Dolls: All dolls by Remarkable Oblivion

Pictures: Moving Photos Storm Is Coming by Paper Moon (found @ Genre)

Forks: Uri’s Nightmare Set by Uncertain Smile (found @ Genre)

Shatter Me…

Somebody shine a light. I’m frozen by the fear in me. Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me! So cut me from the line. Dizzy, spinning endlessly. Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me!

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Luna in B tone by .tsg.

Hair: Ride with the Sun by D!VA ft. Bauhaus Movement

Dress: MuMu Traum Dress in Pink by B.C.C

Shoes: Ballerina Warmers Tippies in Blush by Reign

Violin: Anais’ Violin in Green by Bauhaus Movement

Mesh body: Isis by Belleza

Like I’m Gonna Lose You…

So I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you. And I’m gonna hold you like I’m saying goodbye. Wherever we’re standing
I won’t take you for granted, ‘Cause we’ll never know when, when we’ll run out of time…

Maai is at the Vintage and Cool Fair with a sexy Vintage ensemble called Smile! Perfect for wearing under those vintage inspired outfits. Perfectly sexy and destined to be the envy of all around! Reign also has sexy heels (of course) that are always going to be the fave in your closet! Go, go now and get your vintage on!

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Amory in Vanilla (makeup 2) with Amory Red Lips by Hush Skins

Eyes: Mori Eyes in Hazel by .tsg.

Hair: Karen (Hair Fair Gift) by Due

Necklace: Elizabeth Necklace by Swallow (found @ Vintage & Cool Fair)

Lingerie: Smile Lingerie by Maai (found @ Vintage & Cool Fair)

Shoes: Vintage Bow Heels in Tan by Reign (found @ Vintage & Cool Fair)

Mesh body: Isis by Belleza

Where No One Goes…

Awake in the sky, we break up so high, alright. Let’s make it our own, let’s savor it! We go where no one goes. We slow for no one! Get out of our way! We slow for no one! We go where no one goes!

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Amory in Vanilla (makeup 2) with Amory Red Lips by Hush Skins

Eyes: Mori Eyes in Hazel by .tsg.

Hair: Ethereal by Moon Hair

Kimono: Oriental Kimono in Geometry by Pixicat

Katana: Kombat Katana in Silver by Body Factory

Arms and Leg Wraps by CerberusXing

Shoes: Furchur DragonShoes by Bliensen + MaiTai (found @ Genre)

Cloud Serpents: Georgette and Harry (aren’t they adorable!) by Rivendale (found @ Genre)

Mesh body: Isis by Belleza


All your life you’ve never seen a woman taken by the wind. Would you stay if she promised you heaven? Will you ever win? Will you ever win?

At the Mesh Body Addicts Fair you have some newness from ViVi! Trust me that this excites me so much. This sexy lace halter top called Antje is just delicate and sexy. I paired it with a Tee*fy skirt and Reign wedges (that are to die for). Several colors of this top for perfect combinations. Hair from the current round of Collabor88 by Elikatira! Bring out the sexy!

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Luna in Tone B by .tsg.

Eyes: Mori Eyes in Hazel by .tsg.

Hair: Stella in Essentials by Elikatira (found @ Collabor88)

Top: Antje in Black by ViVi (found @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair)

Skirt: Hana Skirt in Black by Tee*fy

Shoes: Lace Wedges in Black by Reign (found @ Fameshed)

Mesh body: Isis by Belleza

Zydrate Anatomy…

And Amber Sweet is addicted to the knife. And addicted to the knife, she needs a little help with the agony. And a little help comes in a little glass vial in a gun pressed against her anatomy.  And when the gun goes off, Ms. sweet is ready for surgery.

My own little take on another character from Repo! Chromaggia has already been done, but I thought why not Amber Sweet. You can’t deny her, one must succumb.

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Luna in Tone B by .tsg.

Eyes: Dragonborn Eyes in Silver by Gauze (found @ We <3 RP)

Eyebrows: Drew Brows in Black by Nox

Eye shadow: Lolla Shadow in Black by Arise

Lipstick: Valkyrie in Red by Nox

Lashes: Vampire by Redgrave

Hair:  Turn the Page in Raven by Exile

Collar: Leather Collar Chained Ring in Black by Abrasive (Thank you sister!)

Top: Tiffany in Black (rare) by Chocolate Atelier (found @ The Gacha Garden)

Wrap: Sexy Fur Stole in Black by The Whore Mansion

Corset: Succubus Underbust Corset in Black by Deadpool

Skirt: Dirty Doll Skirt by DirtyStories

Garters/Stockings: Harlequin in Black by Blacklace Lingerie

Boots: Thigh High Adventure Boots in Onyx by Moon Elixir (found @ We <3 RP)

Body: Isis by Belleza