You shine like an angel. A spirit that won’t let me go…

Before too long this beauty will be vaulted! Mijn Engel is a beautiful angel ensemble dedicated to a lovely lady named B2. If you have never spoken to her, she was one of the sweetest people. Her memorial is at Carrie’s and it’s still very bittersweet to see, but it makes me smile. Keep in mind that this was a limited edition item, and another LE ensemble will be available!

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Elsie in Biscuit by Pink Fuel

Hair: Lively (gift) by Damselfly

Eyes: Mori Eyes in Hazel by .tsg.

Lingerie: Mijn Engel by Carrie’s Lingerie

Body: Hourglass by Slink


The starlight, I will be chasing a starlight until the end of my life. I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore…

Maai’s newest dress in several colors of latex, hugs each and every curve beautifully! How can you not bow to the command of one who wears it? Paired with Secret Love’s Anne jewelry and a sexy fur stole from The Whore Mansion it demands a certain air of respect. Especially when your setting is that of a church.

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Piper (Makeup 1) in Vanilla by Hush Skins

Hair: Meadow in Hud 01 by Magika

Eyes: Celestial Eyes in Angel by Buzzeri

Necklace: Anne by Secret Love

Dress: Haley Gown in Sky by Maai

Wrap: Sexy Fur Stole in White by The Whore Mansion

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Tears to Shed…

If I touch a burning candle, I can feel no pain. If you cut me with a knife, it’s still the same. And I know her heart is beating, and I know that I am dead. Yet the pain here that I feel…try and tell me it’s not real! For it seems that I still have a tear to shed…

Haunted Alice is a special skin in beautiful pale shade, perfect for a haunting! Devious Mind partook in the TAG Gacha event, and I ended up being lucky enough to obtain the white wedding dress rare. The adorable skull candle is by Mish Mish and just adds that something special to this ensemble. Love this version of a corpse bride.

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Haunted Alice by Hush Skins

Hair: Empty Gold in Hud 01 by Magika

Eyes: Included with the purchase of the Haunted Alice Skin!

Necklace: Galina Rose Skull necklace by Gossamer Jewelry

Top: Brenty Lace Tops by Hollipocket

Dress: LaCatrina in White Wedding (rare) by Devious Mind (TAG Gacha)

Skull: Skull Head Candle (Dark) by MishMish

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Did I Make the Most of Loving You…

Did we make the most of all we had? Not seeing you makes my heart sad. Did we make the most of summer days? We still have time to change our ways. When these endless, lonely days are through, I’ll make the most of loving you…

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Brielle in Vanilla by Hush Skins

Hair: Emerson in Light Browns by Truth

Lingerie: Lui in Plum by Maai

Shoes: Devotion Heels in White by Reign

Body: Lara by Maitreya

Living Doll…

Dolls. You either love them or hate them. It’s when they start talking to you that you should probably run, but some dolls don’t allow such things when they’ve chosen their next sister….

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Morgana in Apricot (Makeup 1) by Pink Fuel

Hair: Stay in Hud 01 by Magika

Arm and Leg Wraps by CerberusXing

Dress: Twilight Black and White dress (top & skirt) by Adoness (found @ Genre)

Shoes: Timeless High Heels by Goth1c0 (found @ Genre)

Mesh body: Isis by Belleza

Table & Chairs: Occultism Dining Set from Entity (found @ Genre)

Dolls: All dolls by Remarkable Oblivion

Pictures: Moving Photos Storm Is Coming by Paper Moon (found @ Genre)

Forks: Uri’s Nightmare Set by Uncertain Smile (found @ Genre)

Shatter Me…

Somebody shine a light. I’m frozen by the fear in me. Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me! So cut me from the line. Dizzy, spinning endlessly. Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me!

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Luna in B tone by .tsg.

Hair: Ride with the Sun by D!VA ft. Bauhaus Movement

Dress: MuMu Traum Dress in Pink by B.C.C

Shoes: Ballerina Warmers Tippies in Blush by Reign

Violin: Anais’ Violin in Green by Bauhaus Movement

Mesh body: Isis by Belleza

Like I’m Gonna Lose You…

So I’m gonna love you like I’m gonna lose you. And I’m gonna hold you like I’m saying goodbye. Wherever we’re standing
I won’t take you for granted, ‘Cause we’ll never know when, when we’ll run out of time…

Maai is at the Vintage and Cool Fair with a sexy Vintage ensemble called Smile! Perfect for wearing under those vintage inspired outfits. Perfectly sexy and destined to be the envy of all around! Reign also has sexy heels (of course) that are always going to be the fave in your closet! Go, go now and get your vintage on!

Shape: Luna (modified) by .tsg.

Skin: Amory in Vanilla (makeup 2) with Amory Red Lips by Hush Skins

Eyes: Mori Eyes in Hazel by .tsg.

Hair: Karen (Hair Fair Gift) by Due

Necklace: Elizabeth Necklace by Swallow (found @ Vintage & Cool Fair)

Lingerie: Smile Lingerie by Maai (found @ Vintage & Cool Fair)

Shoes: Vintage Bow Heels in Tan by Reign (found @ Vintage & Cool Fair)

Mesh body: Isis by Belleza