I Feel Immortal…

Inside, the silence overtakes the pain and in my dreams I feel Immortal. I am not scared. No, I am not scared. I feel immortal when I am there…

There are moments where items just come together and create a certain magic that has always left me unable to explain it properly. This is indeed one of those times. Glitzz has a sexy lacy set called Becky at Cosmopolitan that is a must have! It’s femininity is perfect for that layering that I enjoy. So while browsing at Re:Japonica I stumbled across ASO! with this most sheer, and beautiful kimono! Also if you know me at all, you will learn quickly I love kanzashi, I totally stocked up with Tomoto’s Hair flowers at  Sakura Matsuri! Go explore the world! You never know what you’ll find!

Shape: Custom

Skin: Cute Zoella in Jamaica from Glam Affair (Past 50L Friday item)

Hair: Zoya by Truth (March VIP GG)

Eyes: Neva Glitter Eyes (Catwa) by Euphoric (MP Link)

Kanzashi: Tumami in Sakura by Tomoto (Found @ Sakura Matsuri

Kimono: Silky Kimono in Tokyo by ASO! (Found @ Re:Japonica)

Lingerie: Becky by Glitzz (found @ Cosmopolitan)

Dimple piercings by LittleFish

Mesh Head: Lona by Catwa

Body: Lara by Maitreya 


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